Hiring security guards is an effective deterrent to criminals, burglars, thieves, vandals, trespassers, etc. Whether you need commercial security or residential security services, security guards are available in different types.

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over one million private security guards in the US. You can choose to get armed or unarmed security guards, security guards only for monitoring and patrol, front desk or gate guards, uniformed officers, protection officers in plain clothes, uniformed private labeled security guards, and more.

Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring armed vs. unarmed security guards.

Difference Between Armed and Unarmed Security

On the surface, the difference between armed and unarmed security seems very obvious. Armed security guards have a license to carry firearms, such as a gun, while unarmed security guards don’t carry such weapons. However, armed and unarmed security guards are also dissimilar in the types of needs they fulfill for the client and the kinds of situations where their presence is required.

To find out whether you should hire armed or unarmed security, you need to first evaluate your security requirements by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What needs to be protected?
  • Are there any high-value goods/people in need of protection?
  • Is the threat specific and concrete, such as a location where there’s a high rate of crime or an asset that is high-profile and must be secured?
  • Will the security guards work behind the scenes, or will they be visible in the front?
  • Will the security guards work in a public space or a private area?

After you’ve assessed your security needs, you will be in a better position to decide whether you should hire armed or unarmed security.

armed security guards outside a building

Benefits of Armed Security

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted the field of private security will rise at a steady rate of 5% each year. The increasing demand for private security guards has made private security companies the face of security and protection in America.

Many studies have shown that the presence of armed security guards is a strong deterrent for criminal activities and violent incidents. Security guards who are armed can quickly and efficiently quell any illegal or unlawful situations before they escalate, and civilians are put at risk.

Due to this reason, the presence of armed security guards is not only accepted but expected at certain locations where there is a high-security threat, and the use of force is required. These locations could be banks where the high risk of a robbery justifies the use of armed security. In other instances, armed security guards are needed to protect high-value goods or people such as government contractors, dignitaries, high-profile corporate executives, etc.

Two security guards in uniform

Benefits of Unarmed Security

One major benefit of hiring unarmed security guards is that they are more affordable, so small businesses and individual households find them more cost-effective to protect their premises.

Suppose your business or residence isn’t located in a high-risk environment. In that case, it’s better to hire unarmed security guards who will be equally effective in preventing crime such as theft, vandalism, trespassing, etc. Unarmed security guards instill a sense of security and safety in customers and employees.

security guard on lookout

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