Security agencies keep people safe in commercial and residential areas. Whether it’s a school, mall, sports arena, hospital, bank, or office, the officers strive to ensure smooth and safe operations every day.

The primary role of security guard is to prevent and control any loss from occurring. Whether it’s shoplifting or other serious activity, it’s their duty to keep an eye on all those who enter and exit the vicinity.

Now that you’re clear about what they do, here are some more duties carried out by a security agency showing why they’re so important:

1. Observe and Report

Security guards are required to be alert at all times. They observe and report all the events occurring in their designated area allowing responders to respond to the event. Their relocation of important occurrences gives the police officers and paramedics all the necessary information to act accordingly.

2. They Are Always Visible

Another essential task of a security team is that they have to be visible at all times. Whether it’s at the building entrance, parking lots, or near elevators, simply having a guard on duty can be enough to prevent violence from occurring.

Most often, vandals, shoplifters, and burglars are deterred by the presence of a guard, especially if they are vigilant. A professional security guard will see and hear everything and be quick to point out if there’s anything suspicious.

3. They Contact The Police

Security guards  report any suspicious activity and call the police as soon as they notice a situation escalating. A security agency will provide a set of guards depending on the size and the traffic amount of your area. These guards will then stand in areas that need vigilance, ensuring no unauthorized entry of people. If any violence does occur, the police will call on the guards to be a witness in the court.

4. Quickly Respond to Threats and Emergencies

In the case of an incident, a security guard is trained to respond to the situation calmly and professionally. If danger arises, they are quick to call the police to prevent any further trouble.

disorganized retail store

5. Maintain Order

In hospitals, malls, and other commercial areas, security guards can access all CCTV footage. If they notice any strange behavior, they can immediately view the camera, monitor the individual’s actions, and dismiss any threat. They even use these cameras to keep a watch on visitors who enter the vicinity. Security guards also check IDs, give guests and visitors separate passes after registration.

Places that have a large group of people working together require a professional security service to monitor and maintain order.

6. Prevent Vandalism

Another important duty of a security guard is to prevent vandalism and damage. Several businesses might not even be able to restart operations as they can’t afford to cover the cost. This is why having security guards on-site is essential. A vandal won’t enter an area that’s highly guarded and protected, and even if they do, trained security guards will catch them right away.

A security guard on duty in a retail store.

7. Protect VIPs 

Politicians, celebrities, government officials, and company officials are always in the public eye. You never know a criminal might be masked as an admirer to cause harm to the person. Security agencies provide personal protection for VIPs to ensure that they and their families are always safe, especially in public spaces. They scan people who come in close contact with the client to avoid any unwanted incidents.

8. Write Shift Reports

Security guards work in shifts; they are trained to create reports of whatever happened during their shift, so the next person knows what to look out for. Whether it’s any threats or strange behaviors, the report is passed on and kept for records in case of any incident. Let’s say a criminal entered the area and was later caught by another guard on duty; these reports will then be submitted by the police to the court as evidence for their actions.

Hiring the Right Security Guard Service

Security guards are an integral part of your team. They help prevent all dangerous activities, ensuring effective order and control over the people. In commercial areas like malls, hospitals, and schools, they allow the staff to carry out their operations smoothly without worrying about any external threats or dangers. A security agency also provides personal protection guards for politicians, CEOs, and celebrities to keep them safe during public meetings and appearances.

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