Every business owner knows the importance of on-site security. Whether you’re a hotel manager, a retail store owner, or run your own restaurant, there’s no denying the need to strengthen your security level, especially with rising crime rate.

Interestingly, despite technology advancements, nothing quite compares to having security guards. Sure, you can have the latest security system installed at your company venue, but having professional security personnel monitor the overall safety is a whole other ball game. This is why most businesses still have some level of on-ground security available (with or without advanced technology).

However, choosing security personnel for your business isn’t quite as simple as just picking one agency and hiring them for the job. If you truly wish to secure your premises, you need to hire the security officers who’re right for your business.

So, how can you make this decision? That’s what we’re here to help you with. We know how crucial it is for businesses to have adequate on-foot security. Here are a few essential qualities you should look out for when hiring security guards for your company.


Remember Professor Moody from the Harry Potter series and his tagline “constant vigilance!”? While Moody was no security guard, he did get the slogan right.

security officer in uniform

Security officers need to be constantly alert and aware of their surroundings. The entire purpose of having good security guards at your building is to keep intruders away and create a safer environment. You can’t achieve that if your security guards aren’t alert when they’re on duty or seem distracted.

Professional security guards are always vigilant and focused. As a result, they’re able to pick up any signs of intrusion or disturbance before they happen and can prevent the situation from escalating. They’re also quick on their feet and think fast when there’s a crisis at hand, which allows them to diffuse a security threat as quickly as possible.

Advanced & Diverse Training

Secondly, you need security guards who’re highly trained in their field and possess the knowledge and skills required for tackling security threats.  Ideally, the security personnel you hire should be trained in a range of specialties. For instance, they should know how to operate a weapon and know alternative strategies to stop a perpetrator.

It’s not the security skills alone that make a good security guard. Your security personnel should guide you and help you create a security plan that best suits your needs. In other words, they should know how to apply their training to varying situations and be ready to help you with expert advice and skills.

Physical Fitness

There’s no question about it; security guards need to be physically fit. This requirement pretty much comes with the job, and it isn’t something that you can ignore.

security officer patrolling an area

Here’s the thing about physical fitness, though: it isn’t something you can just have. Security guards typically undergo physical training to prepare their bodies for on-site action and regularly work on their fitness. They need to be in shape to effectively tackle all sorts of physical challenges the job entails, such as patrolling a vast area, chasing thieves, or even staying up all night.

Considering that a security guard is required to be active throughout the day (even if they’re positioned at an entry door), you can’t overlook physical fitness when hiring security personnel for your building.

Communication Skills

Security guards also need to have top-notch communication skills. They should know how to communicate effectively, not just verbally but also via writing. They should be able to translate their thoughts coherently and courteously and be super responsive.

A security guard is your frontline representative for defense. They’re the ones you turn to for protection and safety. If you’re unable to communicate with them because of any reason, you have some rethinking to do regarding the efficacy of your security plan.

Good communication skills go a long way. Security guards should be friendly, receptive to your input, and eager to maintain communication. They should also cooperate with you and know how to follow instructions (either from your end or their agency’s). The better their communication skills, the more likely they are to resolve issues, work in a team, and provide a safe and secure environment for clients. Excellent communication is especially required during emergencies and crises to take the necessary steps as quickly as possible.

security guard using a walkie talkie


Finally, security guards should have the right attitude when they’re on duty. We know what you’re thinking; what counts as the “right” attitude in the first place?

For starters, security personnel should have a calming yet assertive persona. They shouldn’t come across as too intimidating that they end up scaring away your customers. Secondly, they should show enthusiasm and respect for the job. No, they don’t have to appear excited all the time. However, they should at the very least be interested in what they do and realize the significance of their jobs. Only then can they put in maximum effort.

Finally, they should be driven to succeed at what they do and strive to help people (i.e., their clients). They must also exhibit loyalty, dedication, and hard work. Having the right attitude for any job you hold is important, and being a security guard is no different!

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