Planning an event is a pretty complicated and lengthy exercise. Depending on the nature of your private event, you have to finalize a bunch of things. Consequently, you spend a lot of time deciding the venue, picking out the food and beverages you’ll offer your guests, debating between entertainment options, and managing the décor and other arrangements. After all, you want everything to go perfectly, and it makes complete sense to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to event planning and preparations.

In doing so, don’t forget about your event’s security! This should be one of your biggest priorities, irrespective of the number of guests you’re hosting. Event security is especially important in cases where you’ll be managing big-ticket items (such as fundraisers) or those being attended by high-profile guests.

The solution? Hiring security guards! Having a team of professional security guards by your side will maximize your event’s safety. They’ll ensure you get to enjoy your event without worrying about your guests’ safety.

Here’s why your private event needs professional security guards.

Guest List Management  

Crashing a private event may seem like a daring thing to do when you’re not the one hosting the event. However, event organizers will attest to the fact that warding off intruders and event crashers isn’t fun at all.

Let’s be honest; you don’t want any uninvited guests at your event. Even if you’re hosting a large-scale event, private events have specific guest lists, and only people on the list are allowed inside.

Security guards can help manage your guest list and ensure that no unwanted or uninvited individuals sneak inside. This is crucial for maintaining the privacy of your guests, establishing the exclusivity of your event, and of course, prioritizing the safety of every attendee. Security guards will carefully screen each person at the entrance to verify their invite.

blank clipboard representing guest list creation

Crowd Control

Crowd control is of the utmost importance if you’re hosting a large-scale event. The bigger your event, the larger the crowd will be. Managing a large crowd, especially for outdoor events, can be pretty tricky.

Security guards can help you with crowd control. They typically receive specific training on effective crowd control tactics and are equipped to handle various situations. They’ll set up live patrol at different locations, monitor various areas, and keep a close eye on the crowd at large. This will help you in managing the crowd.

Crime Prevention

The last thing you want at your private event is criminal activity. Not only would it jeopardize the safety of your guests, but it will also reflect poorly on your company and leave attendees feeling disgruntled or fearful. That’s not exactly the impression you want your guests to have, is it? Ideally, participants and guests should leave your event feeling happy and content, not by reporting missing items or complaining about the lack of security.

guests at an event

One of the primary duties of security guards is to prevent criminal activity on site. Instances of theft, harassment, break-ins, and vandalism are pretty common in large gatherings. Having security guards at your event premises will significantly reduce the chances of such incidents. Their mere presence will discourage criminal activity and warn potential troublemakers to stay away. The more visible security guards are at your event, the lesser the chances of theft or other criminal activity.

That said, sometimes, the presence of security guards isn’t enough to deter criminals. However, security personnel can still prevent criminal activity from panning out by intervening in time. For instance, if someone does manage to steal a guest’s wallet or is found harassing another individual, security guards will intervene immediately. They’ll act fast to catch the culprit and prevent them from escaping in the crowd.

Security guards also monitor the area and the people attending the event to ensure no prohibited items are brought inside the event venue.

Emergency Response

Do you have an emergency response plan in store for your event? What will you do if an emergency or crisis arises on the event day, leaving your guests in a frenzy? Event organizers are often advised to keep their cool and not panic during such moments, but it’s hard to do that when there’s no immediate solution to de-escalate things.

This is where security officers can help you. Their years of training and experience enable them to tackle crises and emergencies. Security guards are usually well-versed in handling medical emergencies, security emergencies, and natural emergencies. They’ll act fast, de-escalating things and providing immediate emergency response.

Property Protection

Finally, having security guards at your event venue guarantees the protection of your property. It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting your private event in a large conference room, a community park, or at your own property. You need to keep the event property safe and secure for all attendees, whether it’s an outdoor or indoor venue.

security guard on duty

Event organizers must recognize the individual security threats and needs of their venue. Depending on where you’re hosting your private event, your security needs will vary. Consequently, you’ll need a personalized property protection plan. Security guards can help you with this. They’ll use their expert knowledge and skills to devise a security plan that’s unique to your event location. This will help maximize the protection offered, ensuring that the property isn’t subjected to harm and that your guests remain safe throughout the event.

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